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About Geography Department

Geography Department is one of the main component of Humanities college, of Sulaimani university was established on 1977.

Its staff is consist of 21 teachers and lectures of different scientific tittles. Among them are two professors, two assistant professors, eleven of them hold ph.D, in geography , six others are assistant lectures whom holding master Degree.

Since its establishment , this department made significant efforts to focus on its scientific researches on different kind of domestic , regional and , global geographic issues, to realize the causes of different human and physical problems , and to find appropriate  solutions for those problems.

The policy of this department focused on facts that geography as one of the main human sciences plays a vital role to tackle a large number of domestic , regional , and even global economic , political , and social crisis, especially such crisis that can be considered as global challenges which confronting the people of the world as a whole , including desertification , deforestation, air and water pollution , population explosion , and the lack of water and other natural resources.

This department remains making its efforts to find solution for other environmental crisis rooted from global warming and climate changes that threatening our life on this planet.