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Social Work

About the Department of Social work
The Department of Social Work is established in (4-5-2014) for the academic year (2014-2015) as a joined effort from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministry of Higher Education.

The department staff include of (13) professional lecturer, (1) assistant professor, (5) lecturer, and (7) assistant lecturer.

Important of the department of Social Work

Social Work is a new profession; try to practice those principles that the social science likes Sociology, Psychology and other Social sciences trying to work on. And the purpose of it is to help humans on the level of Micro, Mezzo and Macro.

Nonetheless Social Work have the humanistic and religious background, it appeared in the epoch of crisis and problems, first in the profession and academic shape in united states and Europe, and then it appears in Arabic regions.

Social Work as a scientific institute has its own administrative and profession structure, to play its role academically and professionally in all Governmental and non-governmental institutions of society, In order to provide humanitarian and professional assistance to individuals, groups and communities in any age group and in all fields of life through social care institutions, health institutions and educational institutions, in order to raise the quality of life and to get the social wellbeing Which is a difficult process today.


The department of Social Work is the Scientifical & Academical department, and as a scientific and applied competence its main mission is to prepare a specialist and expert academics under the name of (Social Worker), in the field of social services, that can develops itself and community in large, fits with the needs of society.  


The Vision of the department of Social Work can summarized and referred in two points, like as follows:

1. The provision of educational program for students according to academic quality and standards theoretical and practical.

2. Participation in the various programs and work on social services-social work, through the involvement of lecturers directly in the development of methods, programs, researches, practices and consultations in public and private social institutions.


The department of Social Work has five Objectives, and it is like as follows:

1. Prepare and develop the students through development the cognitive and the professional capabilities.

2. Social development through communication and building relationship between the Department of Social Work and various service institutions, governmental and non-governmental.

3. Field training for students in various government institutions, for the purpose of exercise the theoretical articles in practice.

4.Provide consultation in all areas that relate to social work on the basis of experience and expertise, especially institutions of social and medical care and educational institutions, and so on.

5. Directing graduation research toward present problems of the society, with the aim of community service and development.

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