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Department of Sociology              

In 1976, a new school opened at university of Sulaimani, the School of Arts. However, the name of Department has been changed to Department of sociology by founder of department of sociology like (( D. Sbih Ali AbulHussin )) who is called by ((D.Sebih Chliby)). At the first year sociology has had (43) students and (6) lecturers such as (( Dr.Sebih, Dr Mejid Hemid Qarf, Dr Rajqe Heider Qesry, At. Ali Abdwl karim, At.Abdwlkarim Abdul Sade, At. Ahmad Rbiqe)). But, Baqs regime deicded to translate Suleimni to Hawaler and they change the name university to Sallahdin university in 1981.

After 1991 revolution, the University of Sulaimani reopened again, one of it's colleges was names ‘‘college of human sciences'', containing the department of Sociology along with some other departments.

There were available Master and PHD courses for students in 2003 at Faculty of sociology. This is continuing until now and there are many students who could graduate in master and PHD courses.

The new faculty will be open by planning Human sciences department (2014-2015), which is called ((Social work)). Since it was a part of sociology faculty before, but at the moment it has (13) lecturers and it is available to student for applying.


By now, we have (26) lecturers who have degrees in General sociology and Anthropology. The department has 5 master students who are at the stage of writing dissertation. We have asked for 6 more master students. Moreover, we will have about 450 students at faculty of sociology for the new academic year of 2014-2015.