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The Department of Media, one of the College of Humanities departments, was founded in the academic year 2020–2021 as the first university department for studying media in the Kurdistan region. The objective of this department is to meet the society’s needs for academic and professional journalists and academic researchers in the media field, as well as enhance the level of Kurdish media through academic journalists to meet the needs of people and serve the society. Nowadays, media play a crucial role in both the public sphere and academic institutions by providing the community with expertise, journalists in media, and communication science in order to develop professional and responsible media.

The Department of Media depicts this new world of modern media and internet communication, social media, more accurately. The fusion of media, communication, and information has resulted in spectacular advancements and innovations. Our department continues to contribute new innovations in teaching, creative production, research, and giving back to society at large.

Department Vision:

The vision of the Department of Media is to continuously innovate as researchers and professional journalists explore media and new media-mediated communications. The department makes an effort to build the student’s personality from different aspects in media and communication fields to be a distinct graduate with various skills and a scientific and professional ability that qualifies him for success in his career as an expert in media and communication science to serve the society. Our research and creative graduates advance our knowledge of modern media and new technology-based media and contribute to the development of the next generation of computer-mediated media.

Department Mission:

The mission of the Department of Media is to develop students’ abilities and skills as well as prepare them for academic and professional success. We continuously innovate to explore and utilize the remarkable social and economic opportunities created by media convergence, the internet, social media, mobile communications, and virtual and immersive media.

The department of media offers an environment of learning in which we aim to explore the subsequently challenging aspects of media and communication in addition to content and forms. We believe in the need to link specific skills with the ability to understand the transformation affecting media and information in Kurdistan and worldwide.

Learning Outcomes:

The department of media improves the students’ ability to learn and understand how to articulate the relationships among media and the individual both in national and global contexts. Employ a multiplicity of media and communication skills, including written and oral skills, as well as the technical and production skills required of professional journalists.

Students learn media literacy and critical thinking through research, analysis, and presentation of outcomes. Expand an initial understanding of the theories and methods of media and communication studies, including writing for the media, technical skills, communication strategies, media analysis, message design, audience, research, and a critical examination of the impact of our current media and communication technologies.

Learn the skills and practices of journalism, including reporting, interviewing, writing, professional ethics, and understanding legal ethics and frameworks.

Our curriculum offers theoretical, practical, and integrative elements. We are committed to providing our undergraduate and graduate students with the best education possible in the fields of media and communication, as well as new media, in order for them to create media that will benefit individuals, organizations, communities, and society.

Study Methods:

The department of media follows the Bologna process system. The method of study depends on lectures, practical sessions, field trips, and reports; the assessment is achieved via continuous evaluations, including assignments, reports, seminars, and presentations, alongside two mid-term exams and final exams.


The language of instruction at the Department of Media is Kurdish for all courses, with the exception of some models in each semester that are taught in English.


The duration of study at the department of media is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters, and the study is full-time.

Academic Staff:

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