Department of Sociology


In 1976, a new school was established at the University of Sulaimani, namely, the School of Arts. However, the name of the department was changed to Department of Sociology by its founder, Dr. Sbih Ali AbulHussin, known as “Sebih Chliby”. After the 1991 revolution, the University of Sulaimani was reopened, and one of its colleges was the College of Human Sciences, which contained the Department of Sociology along with some other departments.

There have been available Masters and PhD courses for students since 2003 at the department of sociology.

The department of sociology, as one of the leading departments in the College of Humanities, was created to meet the needs of the university and society. Therefore, following the re-establishment of Sulaimani University and the expansion of its scientific departments, the Department of Sociology was founded as a scientific department based on several objectives and became a major part of the academic fields.


The objectives of our department can be summarized as follows:


1-      A sociological reading of social phenomena and problems in society.

2-      Scientific analysis of social reality.

3-      Train social researchers in the areas in which social researchers can play a role.

4-      Establishing scientific relations between the university and social institutions of society.

Department Vision:

The Department of Sociology works to create social researchers who can work as scientific researchers in governmental institutions and civil organizations and as social researchers, who usually work in educational institutions to supervise social and psychological services for individuals. Currently, researchers are viewed as educational and scientific necessities, and most governmental and private institutions have special places for social researchers because of their significance. Therefore, the department of sociology prepares students academically to play a role in the field.

Department Mission:

The Department of Sociology has undergone many changes since its establishment in order to serve more and meet the needs of society. Therefore, it has been the source of the establishment of scientific branches and departments at Sulaimani University. The plan is to work on students’ abilities to become part of scientific work in addition to becoming familiar with the theoretical and field aspects. This has started with several steps, namely, field lessons and the familiarization of students with some computer programs that are essential for students to conduct scientific research by modern and academic standards, which is a crucial need for progress and social change in governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of studying in this department, students can gain a number of skills and knowledge that will help them get jobs in public and private institutions under the title of social researchers to deal with the cases and problems in institutions. In the Sociology Department, students will gain the following skills:


– Ability to analyze and evaluate

– Organization, planning, and development

– How to conduct research

– Group work and field visits

– Adaptation and management

Study Methods:

We use 2 methods

– Exams

– Continuous Evaluation


The language of instruction at the department is Kurdish for all courses. English and Arabic are also used.


The duration of study at the department is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters; it is 240 Ects total for 2 semesters in all grades.

Academic Staff:

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