Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies


The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the University of Sulaimani was established in 2018. Our department equips students with strategic and practical approaches to create a force of intellectuals so that they are continuously and actively involved in new changes in Kurdish society.

Department Vision:

The Philosophy and Cultural Studies Program (PCSP) aims to propose a new philosophical approach that is far from pure abstract knowledge; the boundaries are removed for the purpose of entering the realm of other knowledge and fathoming other perspectives. That is why PCSP defines its critical perspective in such a way that “critical” is “thinking otherwise.” Our aim is to see phenomena and problems in a wider and bigger context by keeping distance from the traditional classification of thought in the last century.

Department Mission:

The main objectives of this department can be summarized as working on concepts, knowledge, theory, power, and ideologies for orienting and formulating them in politics, economics, education, culture, and heritage, or they can be summarized as:

  •         How knowledge, ideas, and theories can be applied in politics.
  •         Linking ideas and knowledge to economy and administration
  •         Revealing the hidden connections between power and education
  •         Creating a proper environment for theories and knowledge for building leading individuals in the society
  •         Empowering education by deepening its understanding of cultural heritage
  •         Revealing the potential for independent thinking and fostering common national interest

Learning Outcomes:

Students will gain extensive knowledge on how to demonstrate creative thinking, innovation, analysis, and evaluation of information. They will be equipped with essential communication skills so they can effectively develop, interpret, and express ideas. We believe that philosophy is at the core of social developments. That is why we work on students’ sense of social responsibility so that they will demonstrate intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities. Philosophy and cultural studies programs can play major roles in times of change and great need. It provides Kurdish society with a mindset that is essential for building a helpful culture.

Study Methods:

o   Paper writing skills

o   reports skills

o   group-work training

o   presentation

o   research

o   field work

o   Classical lecturing


The language of instruction at the department is Kurdish for all courses. English and Arabic are also used.


The duration of study at the department is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters. The study hours vary between semesters, and they are distributed between lecture hours according to the timetable of the department. Nonetheless, lectures are mainly held in the afternoons.

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